On the afternoon of his Resurrection, Jesus came mysteriously alongside two of his disciples from Emmaus.  In the discussion that followed, these disciples who had been so discouraged became filled with joy as their hearts burned within them.  All this because Jesus opened their minds to understand how the Hebrew Bible speaks about the suffering and glory of Israel’s Messiah.  That key to understanding the Bible is still available to us!  It yet has the power to fill us with the hope of glory with Jesus, even in the midst of our trials of suffering here.

Jesus explained how his own ministry fulfilled the stories of the Old Testament, giving us new wine as well as new wineskins—full understanding as well as creative categories for reading the Old Testament.

Now, thanks to the extraordinary literary insights given by the Alexandrian Forum as well as the creative team at zoetifex Studios, these stories will be brought to life through a series of high-quality 3D (CG) and stop motion animation, enabling all levels of believers to better understand God’s eternal truth as revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Chronicles of Christ will visualize all of the Biblical stories, beginning with Moses’ story of creation and ending with the glorious return of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as foretold in John’s Revelation. Each story will be produced with the utmost fidelity to the Scriptures.

Today’s audience expects high production value and zoetifex Studios will deliver powerful stories with stunning visuals on par with the top Hollywood studios like Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, and Laika. Our mission is simple—to bring to life the profound message of each Biblical story and how it reflects God's full purpose through His Son Jesus. These high-end productions will be unlike anything yet seen in Christian media, bringing to life the significance and meaning of the Bible. In addition to producing top-notch animated stories, The Chronicles of Christ will also provide in-depth, interactive educational tools to enable pastors, teachers and students alike to understand the Bible with greater clarity and significance. These efforts will fulfill our two primary objectives—to enlighten and at the same time to entertain, that is, like the Emmaus disciples, to have our hearts burn within us with the joy of our risen Savior!

Statement of Faith

The mission of The Chronicles of Christ is to display the glory of Jesus Christ in the entire Bible. We will accomplish this through high quality, entertaining and educational productions that focus on displaying Christological themes.

The Chronicles of Christ


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